Functional Imagery Training For Clients

“When I started working with Linda I was interested in expanding upon the original concept of FIT (in connection with wellness behaviours) to increase personal motivation within other areas of my life.

 Linda has proved endlessly patient, kind and encouraging of my endeavors and has always walked the path alongside and never ahead of me.

She has remained open and curious within the work and in doing so has helped me to clarify my desires and hopes for myself, giving pause for a more thoughtful and considered change, firmly imbedded in the real life situations I encounter.

FIT doesn’t sell you a dream, it opens up a means of travel, towards making possibilities within ourselves more substantial realities.”

Maresa Segura, Psychotherapist, London and Glasgow

Private clients come to me for support with motivational, emotional, will-power, and/or confidence issues that stop them from achieving long-term positive behaviour-change and goals that affect their wellbeing and success in for example weight-management, physical activity and leadership.

Corporate clients seek my assistance in supporting their employees with keeping well at work and at home, while also focusing on increasing performance using FIT, to support effective communication amongst different teams when going through organisational changes and/or re-integration of employees who have been on leave for various health and/or mental health reasons using a combination of CBT, Motivational Interviewing and FIT.

Most of my published research, my public health and private clinical work is dedicated to helping people like yourself gain pleasure from working on and becoming the best version of themselves, without having to fear lapsing into old negative habits.

I train clients in our internationally highly acclaimed, evidence-based, award-winning behaviour-change intervention Functional Imagery Training, of which I am the primary developer in weight-management and physical in-activity. Working together, you will learn to be your own lifestyle/wellbeing coach and succeed at your valued goals, without dependence on long-term therapy. Change is difficult to achieve, keeping it up is even harder- yet possible! If you want to work in a collaborative, productive environment, create strong lasting cravings for success, to harness and build will-power, especially when faced with obstacles and crucially, to learn how to do this for yourself, for life, then get in touch.

‘…it’s something you think about and carry along with you all the time.’

Trish Bradbury, one of the first FIT participants I worked with, who lost 12kg in weight over six months, talking about FIT techniques she learned.
You can hear more about Trish and about FIT by listening to the 5 minute BBC Radio 4 report below…

BBC RADIO 4, five minute report on FIT and Trish’s client experiences of successfully learning to use FIT for her weight-loss and health goals

  • I offer a 15 minute free initial phone or Zoom consultation.
  • My business hours are 09:30am-4:30pm GMT, Mon-Fri
  • I can be reached via email:
  • My office is in Plymouth (UK) for face to face appointments, but I have clients from all over the world who work with me on Skype, Zoom and/or Microsoft Teams.
  • I offer different rates for online and face-to-face consultations and initial assessments- pls contact me for more info by email.
  • Please be aware that there is a wait-list of about 4 weeks at present.

For those of you who are interested in reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, gaining back a good quality of life and starting the journey to recovery, the process involves a hybrid-model of FIT and Body Reprogramming (BR), developed by Professor Michael Hyland and senior pain consultant, physician Dr Anthony Davies. I transitioned BR tier 2 from a hospital setting into the community as part of my work with Livewell Southwest (NHS service provider), delivered it and trained up practitioners within Livewell to take over running it. I think it is a brilliant programme which has shown some very promising clinical results, especially in reducing general anxiety among those who are affected and boosting global quality of life, however it is a very information heavy, prescriptive lifestyle change programme. Many patients in the community had expressed the desire to me for motivational coaching to help them keep going, especially once the programme had finished. I use FIT as the motivational vehicle for the delivery of BR and then for maintenance of progress you will achieve.

BR is available on the NHS in a few locations in the Southwest of England (mainly Plymouth) without the additional motivational support of FIT. If you are interested in learning more about BR or wish to join a free NHS group programme click on the picture below, or try to get a referral directly from your GP: