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My academic colleague Jon Rhodes has written a book with his business partner Jo Grover about their version of Functional Imagery Training. Check it out if you are interested in FIT applied to performance in business, teams and sports.

You can now watch our successful TV show, showing off psychological approaches to weight-loss, including Functional Imagery Training on All4

Here a preview…

New Podcast with Jonno Proudfoot on Functional Imagery Training – kicked off by Prof Jackie Andrade who supervised my PhD and delivered 20 years of experimental cognitive research that we built FIT on

Non-fiction and text books that have included my research on Functional Imagery Training:

My Academic/scientific peer-reviewed publication list:

Homer, S., Solbrig, L., Djama, D., Bentley, A., Kearns, S. & May J. (2020) ‘The researcher Toolkit: A preventative, peer-support approach to postgraduate research student mental health’. Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education.

Solbrig, L., Whalley, B., Kavanagh, D., May, J., Parkin, T., Jones, R. & Andrade, J. (2019). Functional Imagery Training versus Motivational Interviewing for weight loss: A randomised controlled trial.International Journal of Obesity, 43(4), 883.

Solbrig, L. (2018). Functional Imagery Training, a novel, theory-based motivational intervention for weight-loss (Doctoral dissertation, University of Plymouth).

Solbrig, L., Jones, R., Kavanagh, D., May, J., Parkin, T., & Andrade, J. (2017). People trying to lose weight dislike calorie counting apps and want motivational support to help them achieve their goals. Internet Interventions7, 23-31.

My research and my work on Functional Imagery Training have featured and continue to feature in 100s of online news and printed media outlets and magazines all over the world

In the World News:

Here are two of my favourite, very informative magazine articles on Functional Imagery Training:

Dietetics Today is the official monthly magazine from the British Dietetics Association . This article was authored by Dr Tracey Parkin, Dr Linda Solbrig and Professor Jackie Andrade.

And this one, in Optimum Nutrition, the official magazine of the Institute of Optimum Nutrition is a very special feature on how mental imagery, especially FIT can help with making your New Year’s Resolutions a real success and not a fleeting dream.